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Brad Mikel

Thanks for visiting Mikel-Gamber Photography. Following are galleries of images for my 'Classic World Images' Art photography and any current commercial galleries. Please browse and enjoy the images. Should you wish to order photographs you may do so for all but our latest offerings at our Mikel-Gamber Homepage, accessible below. For newer images please contact me by email until the gallery is updated with ordering information.

Founded in 1950, Mikel-Gamber Photography was purchased in 1983 by Brad Mikel.

Brad is a graduate of New York State University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. He did graduate studies at Colorado State University.

He is an internationally award-winning photographer, and has lectured nationwide on creative photography and business practices. He was twice named ‘Colorado Photographer of the Year’, and was 5 times named ‘Wedding photographer of the Year’.

He has been awarded the degrees of MASTER of PHOTOGRAPHY, and PHOTOGRAPHIC CRAFTSMAN by the Professional Photographers of America, the world’s oldest and largest photographic organization. He is a Certified Professional Photographer and approved instructor for the PPA.
Brad and his wife Toni, reside in Parker, Colorado south of Denver.
He is an active member of the Rotary Club of Aurora CO and the Ave Maria Catholic Church in Parker. The business is the longest continuous member of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, having joined in 1950.
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The Club at Pradera

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