Ave Maria Staff.

Please make your selections for the website from the images below. You may select the first image to enlarge it, then cycle through the photographs with your arrow keys.

Each image has a number to the lower left, ie) Ave001. Please use that number when making your selection.

Select based on EXPRESSION only. I will crop, color balance and retouch the image. Retouching includes; stray hairs, clothing, complexion issues, and other facial considerations. If you have a specific concern, email me that concern when  you send your number, and I will address it. 

Please have your selection to me by December 8th. If I don't have a selection for you by that time, one will be made on your behalf.  Send your choice along with any concerns or comments to me at: fotobrad@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your dedication to our faith and for your service to Ave Maria.

Brad and Antonette Mikel

Mikel-Gamber Photography