Father Erin,

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph you, and thanks for your dedication to Ave Maria. Following are the photographs taken on Wednesday. They are identified by the number on each image to the lower left; ie)Erin 001. You may click on the first image, then use the arrow keys to advance. Please make your selection based on EXPRESSION ONLY. I will retouch the final images, softening, removing stray hairs, and generally making you look your best.

You'll need to select an image for the stairway display, from the formal images at the beginning. Most any of them can be cropped and sized to match the image of Father Nathaniel.    You might select one or two others for church use, that are different from the formal photo, and naturally, Mom should have her picks as well!

There is of course, no charge on any of the images for church or personal use.

Let me know if you have particular concerns, and please email me with your final selections, to the email below as soon as possible.  Thanks again and may God bless you for your work on his behalf.

Brad and Antonette Mikel

Mikel-Gamber Photography