Father Michael,

Please select your favorites for the church, and for the St. Rafael webpage, plus anything you want for personal use. Refer to the number to the lower left of each image; ie) OLV 001. You can select the first image, then use your arrow keys to navigate. Please know that these are not finished images. The first four have been cropped and lightly enhanced to give you an idea of what a finished image will look like. I will color balance and crop each selected photograph. Some of the studio and stained glass backgrounds are too light/dark and that will be corrected in the final develop. 

Base your selection on EXPRESSION and on the general feel of the image.  If you have concerns or specific requests, please contact me. The watermark will be removed on final photos, and of course, there is no charge involved- prayers will suffice!

It was my pleasure doing your portraits, and getting to know you a little better. Please send me your selections as soon as possible, so that I can do all of your images for the church gathering space.

Thanks Father,