MCA Staff April 23, 2018 - mikel-gamber

Staff of MCA;

Please select your choice of pose by using the number to the far lower left of each image;

ie) 001.  You may click your first pose, and they will enlarge for you to right click through all of the images.

Select based on EXPRESSION ONLY. I will enhance and retouch each selected image to correct crop, color, positioning etc, as well as do whatever I can to make you look your best. Enhancement includes softening of the facial areas, slenderizing, cleaning up hair and clothing, and generally making a professional looking photograph.

Please email your selection as soon as you can to Allison Breaux.  If you have any special requests or questions, you may contact me by email at:

Thank you, and I'll look forward to presenting your final images soon.

Brad Mikel

Mikel-Gamber Photography