Our Lady of the Pines Deacons and staff.

Please select an image for your Church portrait from your photographs. These are unenhanced images, that will be finished once you make your selections. Facial areas will be softened; background adjusted; Glasses will have glare removed;  colors will be adjusted; cropping corrected as needed and so forth.  You should really select based on your choice of pose, and EXPRESSION. You may refer to the number at the lower left of each image,

ie)  OLP 001. Please forward your selected number to Hope Spano.

Clicking on the first image allows  you to cycle through the portraits with the arrow keys on your computer.  The finished file of your image will be made available for your personal use through the office.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  It was indeed a pleasure working with all of you.

In Christ.

Brad and Antonette Mikel

Mikcl-Gamber Photography